The Church of God in Carmichael started as a ministry of one small family in 1939 and has flourished through the years, still a lighthouse to the community 85 years later!

It all started in an old-fashioned camp meeting in 1936, when a young woman gave her heart to Jesus. The Hall family had no way of knowing the chain of events that God had put in to motion!  What started as a small in-home church gathering of a few families grew in to a small congregation in the suburbs of Carmichael, California. Congregants came from all over the country, led by God in their search for a non-denominational church that simply preached truth, straight from the the Bible. They chose a name that conveyed the simplicity of who they served and what they believed- the Church of God in Carmichael was born. 


God provided a church building and land in 1952, and two other properties were used through the 1970's as the congregation continued to grow. Finally, the Church of God in Carmichael found its final home in the heart of Carmichael, with a continued zeal for gathering souls for Christ and showing the love of God to the community.

The message of the Church of God that gathered so many from far and wide over eight decades ago is still the same today - through Jesus Christ, God makes a way for us to live holy in this life. We are not merely forgiven; we are enabled by God’s love and mercy to follow Jesus every day. God is waiting for you to accept the invitation of a new life of holiness and happiness. There is so much waiting for you- we welcome you with open arms!