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Psalm 34:19 Everyone has struggles. The one living a righteous life will be delivered.

Revealing the Glory of God

Everyone should have a clear idea of their mission in life. This can make life more fulfilling.

Glory (weight, splendor, dignity, honor) crowds out the profane (common).

Matthew 5:13,14,15,16 I must be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This glorifies God. Do my decisions glorify God?

For 2024 – What do I want to start? What do I intend on stopping this year? What have I been doing that I want to continue doing? What is helping me? – in order to reveal the glory of God.

Exodus 40:31,32,33,34,35 The materials list starts in Exodus 25. When the building was finished according to God's requirement, glory filled the tabernacle.

2 Corinthians 9:7 In Exodus 36, before beginning construction, Moses asked all the people to bring materials (cloth, wood, skins, gold, silver, precious stones, etc). The whole community (congregation) was involved in bringing the materials.

Sometimes we build with things we shouldn’t - unforgiveness, bitterness, finding fault, anger, hatred, tale-bearing, gossip, disruptive opinions. These might build me up, but not God. These materials create a space God can’t fill. When the Isrealites' work was finished, God filled the tabernacle because it was built to His specifications.

God's glory was revealed in Moses. Does the glory of God walk into the room with me?

God permits opinions, personality, and preference, but He wants to fill my life.

Mark 12:28,29,30 These instructions are so God can fill me. Am I using “I do my best” or “I’m working on it” as a way to allow the profane to stay in my life?

When a contaminated area is sealed off, it is not certified for occupancy until it is meticulously cleaned and repaired. Action is urgent and immediate once the situation is apparent. If I discover a space that God can’t fill, what is my attitude? Do I excuse it because the rest of my “life space” is usable by God?

1 Corinthians 3:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Proof of spirituality vs carnality? Envy, strife, division. The best way to heal divisiveness is not to try to defeat one’s opponent, but to be filled with the glory of God.

Do my greatest difficulties create a space God can’t fill? Or does it reveal the glory of God?

The glory of God links the infinite with the finite (human).

The tabernacle was moved several times; it wasn’t humanly perfect in all ways. But God could still fill the space, just as He can fill human spaces (personalities, weaknesses).