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Shadows of Good Things

Or the Gospel in Type

Russell R. Byrum, 1922

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(Exodus 25—27, 30, 35—38, 40)

The Antitypical Holy of Holies

  We have already shown that the tabernacle as a house was a type of the New Testament church, and as a means of service typical of the way by which the sinner comes to God or obtains salvation. The two rooms were shown to represent the two degrees of Christian experience, regeneration and entire sanctification. However, the great facts of the atonement typified by the ark and the mercyseat, and also the intercession of the high priest on the great day of atonement, which in antitype belongs to heaven where God dwells, necessarily were represented in the holy of holies merely because He then dwelt there. But the holiest into which we are exhorted to enter by the blood of Jesus is the experience of entire sanctification, the fullness of Christian experience. Entire sanctification is simultaneous with the baptism of the Holy Ghost (Acts 15:8, 9).

  There in that sacred place the redeemed soul dwells in closet communion with God. No veil now is needed to [59] bar him from the presence of the infinitely Holy One, because he is cleansed from the last remains of sin and is pure "as he is pure." He "dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High,' he abides "under the shadow of the Almighty." And under his golden "wings shalt thou trust." There, as on the stone tables, the law of God is perfectly written in the hearts of the sanctified by the restoration of the moral nature to primitive holiness. There their souls are satisfied with the hidden manna. And there the Shekinah light of the glory of God is their constant portion. In this heavenly condition they abide in God and God in them. And this blessed experience is the rightful heritage of all God's people.

"There is a blest pavilion,
A sacred inner court,
The place of God's own dwelling,
With all the world shut out.
Oh, holy resting place!
Oh, calm and pure retreat!
Where God unveils his face,
And life is only sweet.

"Within this greater temple,
Built by the Son of God,
We've found a full salvation,
And entered thro' the blood.
Here on the mercy seat,
Beneath the cherubim,
We dwell in love complete,
And heaven's glory hymn.

"First at the cleansing laver
We felt the blood applied,
Then on the golden altar
We're wholly sanctified.
Within the second veil,
Oh, holy, holy, place!
With joyful lips we tell
The fullness of his grace. [60]

"Oh, glory be to Jesus!
I've boldly entered in
The secret of his presence,
and triumph over sin.
My soul is hid away
In God, with Jesus Christ;
And here I'll ever stay,
In sweet eternal rest."

—D. S. Warner [61]


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