The Sabbath
and the
Lord's Day



The Sabbath; When Originated, and When First Enjoined upon Man

The Sabbath a Jewish Institution

The Jewish Sabbath Ceremonial in Nature

The Sabbath on a Round Earth

The Covenant From Sinai

The Covenant from Sinai Abolished

Smith's Two Covenants

The Law

 1. "The law" embraces the  whole Mosaic law, moral,  civil, and ceremonial

 2. There was no such        thing as two separate laws  given to the Jews

 3. The ten commandments  alone are never called "the  law of the Lord" nor "the  law of God."

 4. "The law" was given by  Moses, anti the "law of  Moses" includes the  Decalog

 5. "The law" was not given  till the time of Moses and  Sinai

 6. Their fathers did not  have the Decalog as  worded on the tables

 7. The law was given only  to the children of Israel

 8. The Gentiles did not  have the law

 9. The rewards and  penalties of the law were all  temporal

 10 God's eternal law of  righteousness existed  before the law of Sinai was  given

 11. The original law is  superior to the law of Sinai

 12. The Mosaic law was  founded upon the higher  and original law

 13. The law of Sinai was  given to restrain criminals  who w o u I d only obey  God through fear

 14. The letter of the law is  not binding upon  Christians as a coercive  code

The Abolition of the Law

Moses the Mediator of the Law

The Decalog

The Seventh day Sabbath as Mentioned in the New Testament

The Old Sabbath Repealed

The Jewish Sabbath Abolished

The New Covenant

The Law of Christ

The Christian's Law

The Gospel Rest

The Old and New Sabbath Contrasted

The Lord's Day

The Great Memorial Day of the Gospel

First Day Observance

Why Christians Keep the Lord's Day

The Lord's Day Prefigured in the Old Testament

How the Lord's Day Should Be Observed

The Pope and the Sabbath

Sunday keeping Is not the Mark of the Beast